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If you know terms like #BabyWearing, #AttachmentParenting, #KangarooCare, #Slings, #Wraps, #Swaddles or not, this website is perfect for you. On this site we will share our favorite products which we design, create and manufacture as well as others we recommend. Our first product is the revolutionary Kanguro Baby Ring Sling aka "The Pocket Sling".  We have spent years researching the best combination of materials to offer you this Amazing Product This sling is original in its design and is made to make your life easier.  Baby wearing is a great way to bond with your baby and carry them hands free. Parenting should be fun and this will help.  The crisp nylon sling is cool to the touch and refreshing, lightweight yet very strong and reliable. One of the things that makes this revolutionary is that it fits in your pocket!

We cater to the cooler side of baby products, offering unique products that you cannot find elsewhere.  Our slings come in three beautiful colors:  Red, Dark Grey and Light Grey.  All of our pocket slings products are machine washable and you can air dry them within minutes. Again, they are so compact that they fit in a back pocket.  So simple to care for, they are ready when you need it!


- Introducing a Ring Sling like no other -

Our Pocket Sling - TM Pending allows you the practicality of having your baby carrier take up next to nothing in space, it folds and fits in your back pocket. One of a kind in the market and in the world, this sling is PRACTICAL just like you are. 

  • Lightweight 7oz

  • Super Compact

  • 9 Rows of Stitching 

  • Holds up to 400lbs

  • Exceeds all safety standards

CPSC Certified


Kanguro Baby is a company that allows you the peace of mind that the cool baby products you want to wear and use with your baby are well-thought-out and safe. Parenting might be new to you, if it is, then, namaste. This is a beautiful journey on which you are embarking.


We also believe that parenting should be fun but parents and their babies might need a little help. Kanguro Baby is here to help you bond better and enjoy parenting while using our revolutionary Pocket Sling.


It is natural for parents and babies to yearn to be together...it's biology, a primal instinct. A sling positions babies to learn about this new world from us. This includes our facial expressions, our mannerisms and our likes and dislikes.  Baby wearing is an extremely convenient way to meet your baby's needs all the way from birth through toddler-hood. Most importantly it allows you to enjoy doing what you need to do while with your baby.

Life with a baby does not have to be radically different from the life you were already enjoying but you need the right tools in order to achieve it. The Kanguro Baby Pocket Sling is the perfect solution. Your life shouldn't stop because you have a baby. Your life is enhanced because you have a baby.


When it comes to bonding with your baby nothing is better than having them safe and secure in the only place they want to be, with you.  


We also understand that not everyone is familiar with the products we recommend and sell. Please feel free to reach out to us at any moment, we would be glad to answer any questions. 


678-462-5437 - (8:00am - 7:00pm EST)

Located in Atlanta, GA USA

Please register your Pocket Sling either by sending in your pre-paid postcard or by submitting your information here in this product registration form. This is for your benefit so we can contact you for the sake of recalls. Please include your batch number and tracking information (located on the smaller label of the sling).

The products we design and manufacture are made with YOU in mind. We know that time is not a luxury you have and even if you did, you would find something fun to do with it. We are a practical brand and want to offer you a practical solution to #babywearing. Our Pocket Sling not only fits in your back pocket but it air-dries in about 10 minutes, it is cool to the touch, resistant and safe. We strive to offer you the best product on the market here or anywhere. 


  • Hands free

  • Bond with baby

  • Builds social skills

  • Advances learning

  • Prevents "flat head"

  • Carried babies are happier

  • Appropriate seating positions

  • Promotes physical & mental health

  • Give your freedom to move 

Kanguro Baby "Pocket Sling" 

 Our Kanguro Baby "Pocket Slings" are unique because they are one of a kind.

Designed and patented - trademark pending because they are revolutionary: 

  • Made of nylon -

  • Exceeds CPSC safety standards

  • Durable, holds up to 400lbs

  • Compact and  convenient; it fits in any pocket, purse or bag

  • Machine washable and air dries in minutes

  • Can also be used in water

Please check out our different color options for a product that will change parenting as you know it. 


The advantages of baby wearing is that you can regain your freedom in a way that is comfortable for both you and your bundle of joy. The #RingSling distributes the weight of the baby between your shoulder, back and hips so that no one area is fatigued. Babies love to be slinged and you will love the freedom it will allow you.


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