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March 13, 2019

How do we show our children our love for them?


From the moment we are aware that we are expecting, we feel excitement, love and hope. The hope that our babies are happy, healthy and that they grow into confident productive members of society. 


Countless studies have been done that show that we bond with our children beginning in the womb. The Theory of Prenatal Attachment  tells us that we are not just transportation or incubators for our babies, they sense what we sense, feel what we feel. It stands to reason then, that if we talk to our babies, love our babies and spend time feeling love for our babies, they can sense it. 


Babies can receive this love from both parents. Whenever the non-carrying partner shares affection for the baby, loves the baby or speaks to the baby. Every time the father or partner,  grandparent or other relative speaks to the baby within the belly or lovingly puts their hand on that belly, the baby perceives it and know they are loved and wanted.


At birth, our babies need our arms, to feel our touch skin to skin, they need our warmth and reassurance.   Each time we respond to their call, they feel they feel loved, and they learn to feel safe in such a big world, thus giving our babies the best chances of thriving in this big world. 


Some believe, that babies should not be spoiled. That if we go when they cry, or carry them all the time that we will create spoiled little monsters who manipulate the parents. It is impossible to spoil our babies. 


From the moment of conception, until the time of delivery that baby is being carried 24 hours a day. That baby has all of its needs taken care of immediately - food, water, oxygen, warmth, shelter, security ...


By being available to your new born baby, you are allowing them to learn how to form positive emotional bonds. Your baby once it is born is thrust into a brave new world... is it such a bad thing to help them through that transition of being in a totally new place, with noises and lights and new stimuli until they get their bearings? We don't think so.  


As parents and caretakers, we will not always know why they cry but if we are there to offer them comfort and security they will be better suited to handle whatever life throws at them, making them more confident, more independent and happier. 


So now you know: you can’t spoil your baby, your baby needs you.  Carry your baby, hold your baby, snuggle up with your baby, because if the blink of an eye... your baby will be onto the next phase and once they are there, they will have everything you can give them confidence to successfully explore this great big world. 




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March 13, 2019

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