How we choose to carry our babies is very important.

March 13, 2019


VERY IMPORTANT. We know that our babies want to be with us probably 24 hour a day if we let them. That is probably not going to happen. Not realistically.  So we are doing things one step better.

We are going to teach you how to wear your baby. You cannot hold your baby in your arms all day, regardless if whether they are big babies or small babies, after a while it will start weighing on you. Your arm will fall asleep and then you will not be happy anyhow.


This is why baby carriers exist. To help us bond with our babies. They want to be with us, baby carrying, allows them to do that.

All kinds of apparatuses have been made to carry kids, backpacks, fabrics, wraps, etc. We will focus on what is good and practical.


Two main definitions of how to carry your child.


Baby wearing

This is when you keep your baby close to you, that you will keep them connected to you, close. This promotes baby’s growth, babies sleep better and babies eat better, it increases their appetite. Baby wearing is good for breastfeeding, it is very beneficial if you have a toddler as well. The baby can be with you while your hands are free to carry things, open things, hold a little hand or go about your day.


According to Meriam-Webster a Baby Carrier is a supporting device worn by an adult for holding an infant close to the torso.  


Baby carrier

These are a lot simpler in design. They are usually a long piece of material and it is either laced through rings to get some tension or it is wrapped around your body.


One type of baby wearing is something organic, like a sling and then the other option is a baby backpack. Try them both, see what you think. We are happy to answer any questions for you.


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March 13, 2019

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