Where To Get Your Ring Sling

March 13, 2019


Amazing as it seems, there are things that have been created to facilitate lives with babies. When being with a baby is new to you, you may feel overwhelmed, you do not want this new addition to disrupt life as you know it. This is a valid concern. 


This is the one and only gift that you want to get for yourself and also makes an amazing gift for a close friend.


Babies want to be with us, whether you are the biological parent, the caregiver or just someone who loves their niece/nephew etc. This allows you to have complete freedom while having the baby where they want to be, that is with you!


A ring sling is a great way to accomplish this, they are easy to use and once you get the hang of them you will not want to be without your sling.


Ring slings work in the following fashion: you have a single piece of material, this has many stitching and at one end has two 2.5” or 3” rings. Some sling rings are made of aluminum – some are nickel plated. There is a study that demonstrates that 20% of the population in the US has a nickel allergy?


Buying your ring sling


These are the ways to acquire your ring sling:


Buy it already built

There are many online stores which sell and are very good, we recommend that you buy it on Amazon, where there are many small batch sellers that do a boutique retail.

Things to consider about this:



Some slings have shoulder padding, something that is really not necessary since the sling distributes weight evenly between the shoulder, hip and back.



In this regard, not all slings are created equal. Most slings would fall short in the length department. We recommend a sling that is at least 90” long. This gives you the wiggle room to shelter your baby from rain, or cold air or simply to wipe a runny nose. 



When it comes to purchasing your sling, ensure that the company you purchase it from has jumped through all of the hoops to comply with federal regulations.


Ensure the fabric for your  Sling

Slings will come in a variety of fabrics and textures, just ensure that the fabric you choose is breathable but soft.


Buy the fabric and make it

If you know how to sew, and you want to make your own sling, then do some research. We recommend 100% cotton fabric, something soft and safe.


Whether you buy it or make it, there are professionals who dedicate their time to researching and making the best product possible. 

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March 13, 2019

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